Drivers warned of expensive costs if number plates are lost without proper car insurance

Car registration: How to prevent number plate theft

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Following the new number plate changes at the beginning of March, many drivers may have waited to purchase a new car with a “22” plate or buy their own personalised plate. The cost of a personalised registration plate from the DVLA starts at £250, but this figure can rise significantly depending on the perceived value of the plate. 

But motorists are being warned that their valuable personalised number plate may be at risk if the proper insurance isn’t in place.

They may also lose the registration plate if they dont act quickly enough in the event their car is written off or scrapped.

GoCompare car insurance analysed more than 330 comprehensive car insurance policies which revealed only 19 specifically cover the loss of a personalised plate, in the event the car is written off.

Of those providing cover, the sum insured varies, with one insurer providing cover for less than £1,500. 

A further 17 insurers covered for £5,000 or more for the cost of the loss of the plate.

GoCompare car insurance expert, Ryan Fulthorpe, said: “Personalised number plates are popular for a number of reasons, but drivers need to consider how to protect them – particularly if they have paid a lot of money for the number plate in the first place.

“Registration numbers move with the vehicle they are assigned to, not the person who bought it. 

“So, if your vehicle is written off and the car scrapped, the number plate can disappear with it. 

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“If your car is written off, you have to arrange for the number to be transferred to another vehicle or retained on a certificate in sufficient time before your claim is settled.”

In the event that a car with a personalised number plate is stolen and not recovered, the driver will have to wait six months to get the plate back.

They will also need to report it stolen to the DVLA.

The motorist will then have two years and six months to claim the number plate back.

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