Driving lockdown: Where can I drive under new Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions?

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Driving under lockdown has been a controversial issue since the start of the pandemic with motorists often confused over where they are allowed to travel. The emergence of local lockdowns has confused the picture even more with road users baffled as to whether they can visit family and friends or drive to holiday homes.

Tier 1

Areas under a Tier 1 lockdown should follow current national restrictions and the Rule of Six law.

This means road users can travel pretty much anywhere they like and meet up with up to six people inside and outside of a household.

Drivers are allowed to visit areas for recreational purposes and travel across the country to holiday homes.

Tier 2

The new Tier 2 rules mean anyone living in these areas cannot meet others inside who are not in their household or support bubbles.

Travel is also discouraged and people have been urged to walk or cycle where possible to avoid using public transport,

These stricter rules are likely to include travelling in vehicles with anyone outside your support bubble.

Tier 3

The most severe restrictions mean people cannot meet friends or family unless in a public open space.

This means drivers will be allowed to travel to local recreational areas for exercise but further travel will not be advised.

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Drivers should not be travelling between areas but this will not be illegal and drivers are unlikely to face penalties.

However, the Government says that overnight stays in other parts of the country should not happen if you come from Tier 3 area.

Drivers should not stay look to move into a Tier 3 areas to stay overnight such as at a holiday home or visiting family,

However, motorists can still use their cars to travel to work between areas or to drop children off at school.

Motorists can also move between areas to access youth services or help out older residents through the pandemic.


Motorists are unable to travel into or out of areas which are currently under local lockdown restrictions.

However, these rules are waived for people with a reasonable excuse such as going to work or school.

But these rules could be strengthened within days as First Minister Mark Drakeford battles with Boris Johnson over extra restrictions.

Mr Drakeford has urged people from high-risk areas in England to not enter Wales at all.

It is understood that the Welsh Government could look to use its own powers on the matter if the Prime Minister does not consider the plans.


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has urged people to avoid public transport unless it is necessary.

People have been urged to “think carefully” about whether they need to travel outside of their local areas.

However, the Scottish Government has not imposed any restrictions on people who have already booked holiday accommodation.

This means drivers can still travel to other parts of the UK as long as visitors take care while away.

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