EV driver left furious after spending £60,000 on a BMW i4 with a fault

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Matthew Ashworth decided to buy a BWM i4 last year and splashed out a whopping £60,000 on it. However, he was only able to enjoy the electric car for two weeks before it had to be taken back due to a fault that could result in the vehicle catching fire.

The driver has claimed that since November the car has not moved from the forecourt of the garage.

Mr Ashworth is not the only one who is facing a similar problem. Graham Glynn purchased the exact same model only to be issued with the exact same warning.

Both drivers have also said that the messages relayed to them about the parts arriving and the completion of the works being imminent have been “lies”.

Mr Ashworth added that he has been forced to spend £500 more on fuel costs due to having a courtesy car.

BWM has issued an apology to both drivers adding that it will discuss fuel expenses with them.

However, that hasn’t stopped Mr Ashworth from speaking out about the agony of purchasing the £60,000 car.

He claimed that two weeks after the purchase he received a message saying his car needed “immediate attention and should not be driven”.

The message said that there may be a “defect within the battery cell” which “in a worst case scenario” could result in a fire.

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Mr Ashworth told Yorkshire Evening Post: “It was a wonderful car for the two weeks that I had it.

“It has been sat for over 12 weeks now and has yet to even be looked at. This is apparently due to them only having two technicians who are qualified to work on electric vehicles and only one bay where they can service electric vehicles.

“I’ve always been an advocate for electric cars but this has really set me back. It’s disappointing as they’re saying they want everyone driving electric in seven years or so but that doesn’t seem feasible at this point.”

Speaking about the fuel bills he had incurred because of the courtesy car Mr Ashworth said that it is a “significant” cost and he doesn’t know if BMW will reimburse him for it.

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He added that he would have only spent £50 if he was using his electric car to cover the same distance.

Mr Glynn had a similar experience after he was forced to take back his car. He said that he had a notice flash up on his dashboard while he was driving.

He added that he is now seeking legal advice on how to get a full refund for the car, which he bought brand new for nearly £70,000 in June 2022.

A spokesperson for BMW said that in October 2022, BMW recalled a “small number of battery electric vehicles” as part of “ongoing quality control measures” and offered customers to have the work done free of charge.

They added: “Although replacement parts were initially in short supply due to widely reported global logistics challenges, the process has been completed on over 90 percent of the UK vehicles involved.

“We’re sorry that this has not been the case for the two customers.

“BMW has ensured continued mobility with the provision of loan vehicles and we will also make contact with these customers in relation to their fuel expenses.

“BMW UK has discussed these cases with the relevant franchise retailer and it has been confirmed that the outstanding work on these vehicles will be completed in the coming days.”

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