Fixing Broken Charge Port Door On Volkswagen ID.4 Costs €450

Are they susceptible to damage?

EV-related problems and repairs are an important and very interesting topic. First, because EVs are new and the issues are quite unique and secondly, because sometimes the repairs are expensive.

Here is a story of a brand new Volkswagen ID.4 with a broken charge port door. The owner, who is also running the ID.Furkan channel, suspect that it maybe was damaged somehow (incidentally) while charging or by a person.

“The thing I was scared the most happened pretty early on my ownership of this car. The charge port door + cover got damaged while publicly charging.”

Despite that the problem was relatively small, the total cost at a dealership was €450 ($537), which is pretty substantial.

Well, the exterior part of the charging port door (all-white) can be purchased for €50, but it required paining (€60). The damaged charging port door has generated an additional cost of €140. Fixing the dent – €130. Labor and installation  had been just €35 plus Misc. (€35).

On top of that we would add also wasted time. But let’s now stop for a while and think, whether the charging doors are simply too large and susceptible to damage?

This is actually a very interesting example. When cars are parked side by side, and someone is squeezes between cars, bad things might happen.

The charging port doors seems to stick out more than mirrors and as we all know, manufacturers of mose brands are folding mirrors automatically to take less space. Hyundai is even folding cameras that replaced mirrors!

ID.Furkan proposes to maybe use an elastic band to minimize probability of damage, but of course it’s not a permanent solution.

The more we think about it, the more we like the solution introduced by Porsche (and some other manufacturers), however, it might have its own weak points:

The good thing would be to minimize the size of the charging port door or open at an angle.

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