General Ordering System For Volkswagen ID.3 To Open On July 20

Here is the list of all regular Volkswagen ID.3 versions available.

As announced, by the way of launching the 1ST edition, Volkswagen soon will open the general ordering system for the regular versions of the Volkswagen ID.3. It will happen on July 20, 2020, about four weeks after the 1ST.

In total there will be seven pre-configured versions (and two basic) and two battery sizes available. The third battery option will be introduced at a later point.

According to Volkswagen, a large majority of reservation-holders have already ordered their 1ST from dealers.

In Germany, all ID.3 will be eligible for the full subsidy of €9,480 ($10,780).

Deliveries of the regular ID.3 will start from October 2020, although, similar to the 1ST, not all features will be available from the start:

“With delivery in October, customers will receive a free-of-charge update for the two outstanding digital functions AppConnect und and the distance feature of the augmented reality head-up display for the “Tech” and “Max” models in the first quarter of 2021. All models d”elivered in the first quarter of 2021 will already be equipped with all functions.

Volkswagen ID.3 Mid-Range regular versions:


Volkswagen ID.3 Long-Range regular versions:


Volkswagen ID.3 Short-Range regular version:

The entry-level 45 kWh (net) and 330 km (205 miles) WLTP version will be available “at a price of less than €30,000 a few months later”.

See more info about 1ST here and various versions here.


Volkswagen says that the ID.3 buyers will benefit for up to 3 years (depending on country) of the concessionary ID. We Charge tariff at no additional cost with full access to public charging stations in Europe.

The cost of charging at IONITY to be €0.55/kWh (at both versions: 100 and 125 kW peak), but it can be lowered to €0.30/kWh through “a monthly fee of less than €10”.

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