GM Outlines Its Technology Rollout Plan For China By 2030

GM has serious plans for electrification in China.

General Motors today announced its technology roadmap for electrification, intelligent driving and connectivity in China, which is responsible for almost a fifth of its profits.

At a special display at the PATAC Design Dome in Shanghai, the company highlighted its new global EV platform, the Ultium battery system and next-generation EVs that will be launched in China.

GM global EV platform and Ultium battery system

GM Ultium drive units

GM intends to invest more than $20 billion in EVs and automated vehicles by 2025. In the case of electrification specifically, more than 40% of GM’s new launches in China in the next five years (by 2025) will be electrified models (so at least hybrids we guess).

Interestingly, the new xEVs will be locally manufactured, including all the latest Ultium battery systems and global electric platforms.

“They will all be manufactured in China, with almost all parts coming from local suppliers. The state-of-the-art Ultium battery system and third-generation global electric platform will integrate GM’s engineering flexibility, technology advances with highly localized manufacturing, and supply chain in China to enhance quality and cost competitiveness.”

It’s expected that the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq will be introduced in China – maybe even before the U.S. launch – as its design is probably more towards the Asian market than the North American market.

The Cadillac brand itself is going to significantly “renew” its lineup, while GM will focus more on SUVs and low-cost entry-level EVs (like the Hong Guang MINI EV or Baojun EVs). Both Cadillac and Buick brands to be heavily electrified in China:

““This market is rapidly electrifying. Cadillac is on a path to very heavy electrification. Buick is also going to heavily electrify,” said Blissett, adding that GM’s Chinese brands Baojun and Wuling would also go down the electric route.”

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