Gran Turismo Sport v1.61 Arrives, With Penalty System and Slipstream Adjustments

The latest game update for Gran Turismo Sport is now available. It’s a relatively lightweight item, coming in at just 184.4MB — one of the smallest updates we’ve seen — and mainly centers on tweaks.

Of the stated changes, there’s two that revolve around racing, particularly affecting the online races. Firstly, there’s an adjustment to the slipstream, with Polyphony Digital rebalancing the “Real” setting for the effect. This is something the studio last changed back in April, as qualifying events had become something of a “you first” affair. Early impressions are that slipstream — or “draft” — is now more effective but requires cars to be closer to benefit.

One change that may be welcome is a tweak to the penalty system judgment algorithm. The official release notes say that this will affect how the system regards light contacts and collisions, rather than more major impacts and off-track excursions, though it doesn’t say how. It will no doubt become apparent whether the system is harsher or more lenient over the next couple of days.

The final noted change in the update comes by way of branding. Players who use the livery editor will spot that there’s a new tire sticker, which bears the Michelin Pilot Sport logo of the French tire manufacturer’s range of high-performance tires. It’s a name you’ll see commonly attached to the words “Nurburgring lap record”, as vehicle manufacturers use the Pilot Sport Cup semi-slick tires for such attempts.

This is the latest sign of the Michelin partnership with Gran Turismo announced back in August. While that should ultimately result in the implementation of Michelin tire data into Gran Turismo, for now it appears restricted to branding.

As is usual, the patch notes refer to “various other issues”. Our community will usually uncover those as the days progress, so keep an eye on our forums for more!

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