Hyundai Kona Electric Sales Hit New Record In June 2020

Additional production of Kona Electric in Europe helps to match high demand.

High demand and strengthened supplies in Europe allowed Hyundai to sell a near-record number of plug-in electric cars. For Kona Electric in particular, it was a record month.

In June 2020, the South Korean manufacturer sold some 8,545 plug-in cars, which is 38% more than a year ago.

Because the overall Hyundai sales have decreased by 3.8% year-over-year to 149,207, the plug-in share out of the overall volume improved to 5.7%. So far this year, Hyundai sold over 39,000 plug-in electric cars.

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – June 2020

Sales by powertrain type:

Model results

The Kona Electric remains the dominant model in the lineup:

The hydrogen fuel-cell model — NEXO — noted 548 sales (3,292 YTD), mostly in South Korea (317 and 2,612 YTD).

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