KBB Reviews Porsche Taycan 4S, Finds It Brimming With ‘ Porsche Spirit ‘

The Taycan is not a practical proposition, so it needs to pack an emotional punch in order to be successful.

Even though the Porsche Taycan is often called a Tesla Model S rival, it really isn’t, or at least not a direct rival. The Tesla is a far more practical (and longer range) proposition, but the Porsche claws back points when it comes to how it drives and how it makes the driver fee. And not just in a straight line.

As KBB’s Micah Muzio states right off the bat in his view, the Taycan’s buyers are wealthy and own other vehicles too. That essentially means they aren’t going to buy it for any particular practical purpose and are most likely just going to use it as a toy to have fun (and scare their friends) in.

Micah drives the 4S, currently the entry point into the Taycan range, but we’re not surprised he is satisfied with the acceleration. He also likes the car’s faux motor sounds, which he calls ‘ an audible rainbow of sci-fi dreams,’ although you can disable this feature if it doesn’t float your boat.

He does find and point out some Taycan negatives in this video: it’s not really that spacious for rear passengers, the infotainment is a bit more contrived than it should be and the lower center stack screen can get hot after a while. Aside from these (and the high acquisition price), the car is rated as very good, especially thanks to the driving experience that it can provide.

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