KTM X-Bow GTX revealed as track-only machine – 530 PS and 650 Nm; 1,048 kg; priced from RM1.12 million – paultan.org

This is the KTM X-Bow GTX, which is the company’s new track-only model that can be yours from a starting price of 230,000 euros (RM1.12 million). For the sum, you’re getting a vehicle that is not only ideal for track days but also for professional use in racing.

The tried and tested carbon-fibre monocoque of the regular X-Bow forms the basis of the GTX, to which a full-fledged roll cage is added. According to KTM, the cage was designed and homologated according to FIA Appendix J, and can withstand the multiple weight of the vehicle in the rollover pressure test.

Styling-wise, the GTX gets a completely revised version of the “Jetfighter Canopy” used on the X-Bow GT4, where a carbon frame is paired with an inserted windshield and separately opening glass doors on both sides. Given the potential wear and tear often associated with track driving, the front screen is made of Makrolon – a polycarbonate material – that can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

Elsewhere, two rows of LEDs form the car’s headlamps, while the rest of the carbon bodywork emphasises aero, including the front splitter, side air channels and a swan neck rear wing. The lack of any side mirror is offset by two cameras, with the video feed is directed to two screens inside the cabin.

On that mention, the interior sports a Recaro competition seat made of carbon-kevlar that was developed according to the “Advanced Seat” criteria. A homologated six-point racing harness from Schroth is also standard here to hold the driver in place, while a suede racing steering wheel with an integrated display and pedal box – both adjustable – are the main controls.

An electric power steering system is used here instead of a hydraulic one as seen in the GT4, which the company says does have its benefits. Aside from being lighter, there’s also three different setups for drivers to choose from, depending on their preference.

For power, the GTX features an Audi Sport-supplied 2.5 litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine that has been lightly fettled with to make 530 PS (523 hp) and 650 Nm of torque, housed within a steel rear frame. KTM says only the injection valves, wastegate, intake system, exhaust system and software were revised to hit those outputs.

Mated to the engine is a six-speed MF sequential gearbox from Holinger, along with a sintered metal racing clutch, an easier drive and a limited-slip differential. The GTX also uses an electrically operated gear shifter, which is something you typically find in LeMans LMP racers, and this is supplied by SaReNi. Without a hydraulic compressor, pressure accumulator and lines, more weight is also saved from the powertrain.

All in all, the GTX tips the scales at just 1,048 kg, and with the 530 PS on tap, the power-to-weight ratio is 1.98 kg/PS. The performance should be rather impressive, although the company has yet to disclose official figures just yet.

Other features that KTM are touting include an eight-way adjustable traction control system and a type three racing ABS from Continental with ten steps of adjustments – both can be done on the fly on the steering wheel.

The aero-profiled wishbones also have aluminium wheel carriers with integrated quick camber adjustment to reduce the time needed to make adjustments, while the Sachs dampers can also be tuned for rebound and compression.

Given that this is a track car, the GTX comes with a 120-litre FT3 safety fuel tank that can be easily converted with a quick refuelling option if needed, along with a built-in airjack system. Dedicated air channels also help ensure the cabin is properly ventilated, while a MoTec system provides engine control and a data logger. SaReNi also supplies the car’s electronic fuse box to ensure a low failure rate during racing.

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