Lordstown Motors Teases Endurance Pickup Truck: Shows Interior Sketches

Let’s take a look at the several more images of the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup.

Ahead of the unveiling of the all-electric Endurance pickup tomorrow (on June 25, 2020), Lordstown Motors has released a new teaser.

It shows the front of the vehicle (not much of it actually), which for sure will distinguish itself from conventional pickups.

Additionally, we can see also the first “production-intent sketches” of the interior, which are quite interesting, we must admit. The interior is minimalist, simple and well laid out.

Lordstown Motors Endurance – first production-intent sketches

In the front of the driver seat we can see a big display, which actually seems to be composed of two displays: left for the instrument cluster and right (touchscreen) for infotainment.

There are only a few buttons and knobs in the middle.

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