Madrid Orders More BYD Electric Buses

After successful operation of the first 15 units, the city wants more BYDs.

EMT Madrid, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid, has just ordered 30 12-meter electric buses from BYD, which is getting the biggest share in the company’s latest purchases.

The Chinese manufacturer previously won an order for 15 buses, delivered in May, which means that EMT Madrid is a recurring customer and that the buses proved to operate as expected.

EMT Madrid’s EV orders are the largest in Spain and hopefully, the momentum will continue, as there is a fleet of 2,100 vehicles to be replaced.

“EMT selected BYD for the supply of this latest fleet of 30 eBuses based on several operational parameters including extensive single-charge range capability, cost of energy consumption, maintenance costs and manufacturer’s guarantee.”

The original fleet of 15 BYD eBuses are already in successful operation on EMT Madrid’s high-frequency ‘route 52’ service connecting Puerta del Sol and Santamarca, and also on Madrid’s new perimeter service which forms part of the ‘Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy’.

BYD intends to deliver the new fleet of 30 electric buses in 2021.

Overall, new electric bus orders in Europe seem to have slowed down a little bit in the most recent challenging times, but maybe it’s just a subjective feeling.

Hopefully, no later than in 2021 we will see three-digit orders pretty regularly as electrification of buses is one of the obvious things to do in cities to improve air quality and reduce noise.

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