Man discovers ‘best way’ to defrost car windscreen and ‘avoid’ damage

Driving tip: How to defrost your windscreen

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The UK has been hit by icy temperatures in recent weeks, and with two months of winter ahead of us, its likely motorists will be faced with the task of de-icing their car windows each morning. A car insurance expert from @roosterinsurance has shared a handy TikTok video explaining the dos and don’ts of defrosting your car windscreen.

The insurance expert explained that while many people reach for boiling water as a quick fix to melt ice, this is the one thing you should not do.

He explained: “Don’t ever pour boiling water down your windscreen unless you want [it to crack].”

The insurance expert added: “Make sure you’re not using your windscreen wipers as they can get damaged if you turn them on while there’s ice or snow on your windscreen.”

Instead, he shared a few different ways to defrost your car windscreen without damaging the glass or your wipers.

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“One method is to make an alcohol and water solution and then spray on your windscreen that will then get rid of the ice,” he explained. Mix a solution of one-third water and two-thirds isopropyl or rubbing alcohol together in a spray bottle.

The alcohol works due to its very low freezing point, meaning it can act quickly to break up the ice. Spray the solution directly onto your front and back windshield and watch the ice melt.

The Rooster Insurance expert continued: “If you take a bag full of warm water, make sure it’s warm and not boiling and rub it on the windscreen. That will take off a thin layer of ice or snow.”

Warm water is a much better option than throwing over boiling water, as it will not cause the glass to suddenly crack. Instead, it will gradually melt the ice without impacting the glass beneath.

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Make sure to continuously move the bag over your screen, being careful not to leave it sitting on one spot for too long.

However, while these may be quick fixes, the car insurance expert said that patience is the absolute “best” method.

He said: “Honestly, the best thing to do is just to wake up on time, turn on your car heater and let the car warm up gradually.

“If it’s a thicker layer of ice or snow, using a scraper is the best way to avoid any damage to the windscreen.”

Video viewers agreed with the insurance expert in the comments. A user named Oly said: “Best thing is to use the scraper.”

Another user said waking up on time is the best advice and “takes off so much stress” when having to defrost a car each morning.

Another TikTok user named @amysaavage tested out the warm water in a bag trick to defrost her car windscreen and was pleased with the results.

She posted a video to her account, with a caption stating: “This hack is a game changer. TikTok teaching me more than school ever did.”

Amy can be seen dragging the bag of warm water over her frosty windscreen, with the ice melting away in seconds. However, she was quick to remind people that warm water is absolutely essential for the safety of your car.

TikTok users commented on her video sharing the same message. One said: “For all the lazy people trying this: WARM water, not hot water. Please, for God’s sake.”

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