Mercedes EQS: Not The Electric S-Class You Would Expect It To Be

The Mercedes EQS is well and truly here, after much hype and anticipation. And while some may argue from an aesthetic perspective it’s a bit of a letdown from the Vision EQS concept, the reality is the EQS still offers excellent range and technology – as well as strong performance in AMG guise. But at the end of the day Mercedes wants it to be an electric S-Class. So how good is it at being a luxury car? Throttle House decided to find out.

Throttle House hosts James and Thomas were both impressed by the EQS’ technology but noted quietness and comfort are what truly determine how luxurious a vehicle is. Interestingly, both felt there was quite a bit of road noise when driving on the highway, but ride quality was good. 

Braking could be better, with the EQS’ 5,800 lb weight making going around corners at speed a rather nervy experience. The power delivery and turning radius are both strong points, however. 

James and Thomas were not so keen on the EQS’ proportions and shape, with Merc clearly prioritizing a low drag coefficient over style. The Hyperscreen is a neat feature and intuitive, but voice command is slow and unresponsive at times. 

Rear seats are a key area in luxury cars, and the EQS’ is a bit underwhelming. Too hard and short underneath your legs, there’s also insufficient headroom for those over 6 feet. Overall they found interior quality and materials were excellent though.

Throttle House concluded that electric luxury cars are definitely the way forward, although the EQS misses the mark in several areas. With improved rear comfort and less road noise, as well as better presence, the EQS could be the ultimate luxury vehicle. 

Source: Throttle House

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