Millions of drivers may be hit with an extra £50 car parking charge for this reason

Car parking damage is affecting millions of motorists due to cramped car parks and tight spaces which is leaving many drivers forced to pay out for simple bodywork repairs. This could be anything from a simple dent or scratch on the side of the car’s bodywork or may lead to critical damage which can lead to expensive repairs. 


  • Motorists could be fined for parking in this area

Car doors are the most likely area to suffer scrapes, with research from Halfords revealing this equates to 50 percent of all car park damages. 

Although minor damage, two thirds of those surveyed by Halfords revealed they paid more than £50 to fix their vehicles. 

A total of 14 percent of those surveyed recalled they suffer bumper damage with 13 percent noticing wing damage. 

Any contact here could affect the car’s aerodynamic performance which could result in higher repair costs in a devastating blow for many. 

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In a period of financial uncertainty for many, extra car repairs may not be possible for some cash-strapped motorists.

This could force many to continue driving their car with damage on their cars which can lead to even more serious consequences.

If the damage is considered to be dangerous road users could be stopped by police officers and penalised. 

This would carry a charge of driving a car in a dangerous condition which would see motorists fined £2,500. 

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Halfords spokesperson Adam Chaplin said that the “size of parking spaces” could be to blame on the damage seen in car parks. 

He warned there was “little incentive” for firms to increase car park spaces above the minimum requirements to ensure they could accommodate more customers. 

He said the consequences of the small  spaces were hitting “frustrated motorists” directly in the wallet once their cars became damaged. 

He said: “There is a squeeze on the nation’s car parks and the consequences are hitting frustrated motorists in the wallet.


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“The majority of drivers we questioned blamed their scratches and repair costs on inconsiderate drivers parking too close to them but our research shows that the size of parking spaces is leaving them little choice.”

He added: “Even the smallest scratch can be very annoying and reduce the value of a vehicle by hundreds of pounds. 

“But with car park operators looking to maximise visitor volumes and revenue, there is little incentive for them to exceed the recommended minimum size requirements.”

The AA has previously reported that at least 20 percent of all car insurance claims come from car park accidents. 

However, analysis from the AA revealed one fifth of motorists involved in a car park accident would just drive off, especially if they thought no one had noticed. 

But guidelines on how big car park bays must be has remained the same since 1994. 

This is despite average road cars increasing in size and width which is putting  strain on many car parks. 

Analysis by Halfords found that supermarkets were reported as the worst offenders for car park damage. 

A total of 38 percent said they had picked up damage to their cars inside supermarket parking areas. 

Other high offenders included shopping centres where 29 percent picked up damage and railway stations where 18 percent of drivers were hit.  

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