Test Car Happy Hour Livestream

The team is scattered all over the globe, and even here in the US our editors reside in a number of regions. We have a few folks in Los Angeles (it’s hard to run a car publication without someone in LA), a couple of editors in Detroit (The LA of car towns before LA was a car town), and representation in Florida, Ohio, South Dakota, and more.

Thankfully we also have the internet and chat apps, so in between writing every news story fit to publish, and flying around the world for product launches, we’re still able to talk cars.

We are having a blast broadcasting some of these car conversations to our social media followers in a Friday afternoon live stream, appropriately called Test Car Happy Hour. Every Friday at 4:00 PM Eastern, editors meet up to talk about the cars they’ve been driving that week, along with various and sundry other car-related topics. It’s fun, I promise.

You can tune in to watch here on, or join us from your choice of YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. From any of those social media locations you can also share comments or ask questions — just jot one down and we’ll automatically get it in our streaming feed.

I’m out for a familiy road trip this week, but Managing Editor Brandon Turkus and Senior Editor Brett Evans have some sweet rides to discuss. Brandon is thumping around town in a Jeep Wrangler 392, while Brett is cruising in the Genesis Electrified G80.

We go live at 4 PM Eastern and it is LIVE. That means you can send over your questions in real-time from wherever you’re watching, and we’ll do our best to respond. Come spend some time with the crew and celebrate the weekend!

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