Motorists can defrost their windscreen using common objects

Genius life hack shows you how to de-ice car windscreen

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With further cold temperatures expected throughout this week, experts are calling on drivers to take action against the build-up of frost and ice on their car windscreens this winter. The de-frosting process can take a while and add time on to the morning commute, potentially making people late for the school run or work.

Much of the UK is seeing consistently cold nights, with single-digit temperatures being seen across England, Scotland and Wales. To help drivers save on their time and effort, experts have compiled a list of frost hacks.

A spokesperson for Lotus Car Rental said: “With temperatures set to drop in the UK, Brits will once again be faced with the challenge of de-icing their car windscreens.

“Scraping your windscreen in the freezing cold is an unwanted and time consuming job – especially for those rushing out the door ready for work or the school run. 

“Having endured the harshest of temperatures throughout winter for many years, we at Lotus Car Rental in Iceland have shared some top hacks for not only getting rid of the ice on your car, but preventing it too.”


It may not seem like everyone’s go-to method of clearing frost from their windscreen, even though it may cost drivers a pretty penny. 

The alcohol content in vodka makes it a great de-icer in minus temperatures – even if it drains someone’s alcohol supply.

It is important to remember that driving with limited vision during icy weather conditions is not only dangerous but can also land drivers with a £100 fine and three points on their licence. 

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De-icing fluid

Drivers are urged to keep de-icing fluid in their car as part of a winter kit or in the house to speed up the process of clearing frost and ice in the mornings.

It can be purchased at most supermarkets, petrol stations and automotive shops. Most places which sell the product have their own versions and can be as cheap as £3.

While there are many homemade alternatives that are just as effective at removing ice, nothing quite beats the ease of the real thing.

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Ice scraper

If drivers are in a rush, they can start to scrape the ice as the car warms up. They should always try to use a proper windscreen scraper, which should also be in any good winter kit.

Drivers should not be tempted to cut corners and grab the nearest flat object, like a bank card. This could result in damage to the card, potentially even snapping it.

Attempting to scrape bits of ice off with anything other than a car ice scraper could just result in a scratched windscreen.


If a motorist has forgotten to do any steps to prevent ice from setting, then heating up their car should be the first step. 

Although they might be tempted to use their windscreen wipers on their icy windscreen, this will not de-ice the car in any way and is more likely to cause damage.

Instead, they should turn their front and rear demister on max and the ice will start to melt from the heat.  They can then wipe away any excess water with their wipers, and return the fan to normal. 

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