‘Nightmare in the making!’ Drivers brand EV owners ‘plain stupid’ for not charging at home

Frustrated BBC caller questions value of electric cars

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Drivers have vented their frustration at electric car owners over where they charge their vehicles. This came after a Gillingham EV owner spoke of his problem with charging his car as he didn’t have an EV charger at home and the chargers at his local supermarket were either faulty or in use.

Mr Lewis Fox described the situation as a “nightmare” after he switched from a diesel car to a £21,000 electric VW Golf.

In response to the story, some readers have criticised the choice not to install an EV charger at home when buying a new car.

Express.co.uk reader Allyoops said: “Buy an EV without a home charger, that’s just plain stupid.”

Another user, NikD, said: “I only purchased an EV when I knew I could get a charger installed.

“As a low mileage user it’s perfect.”

From June 15, laws will change meaning all new buildings will need to have electric vehicle charging stations installed as a way for the Government to accelerate the EV “revolution”.

Commenter Summer.bay made their feelings known, commenting: “EV’s are a nightmare in the making!”

Another Express.co.uk reader slammed electric cars, saying EV charging cables are a “hazard”.

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They claimed: “Well that’s just another thing the Government didn’t think of. Force everyone to buy electric cars, but then how do you charge them?!

“Sure it’s just about doable now as the numbers are low. But when everyone has been forced to buy one, those one or if you are lucky two chargers in your local supermarket aren’t going to charge every car in the town!

“Every house will need a drive! Can you imagine that?

“How are you going to give a drive to every Victorian style terraced house which has no garden on either side?

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