‘Not illegal’: Common driving misconceptions to ignore from flip flops to speeding tickets

Chris Evans says he was ‘done again’ for speeding

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These range from driving without shoes to drivers being flashed by a speed camera. New research, from Gumtree, has debunked a number of the most common driving misconceptions.

An interior light can be on when driving

Peter Brabin, the Head of Training at Billplant Driving school, says that driving with an interior light on is one of the most common misconceptions and probably stems from childhood.

He said: “It seems to stem from parents wanting to keep the interior light off when they’re driving with children in the car – presumably with the hope that they’ll cause fewer distractions or take a nap!

“There is nothing in The Highway Code however that states you cannot drive with an interior light on within your vehicle.

“That being said, it can also be considered a distraction to other road users, so if you are driving in the dark with an interior light on, it’s possible you may be pulled over and asked to turn it off by the police.”

Motorists are allowed to drive with no shoes on

According to Gumtree, it is perfectly legal to drive without shoes, or even with heels on.

Despite this, there is the risk of being stopped by the police for driving without due care and attention.

Rule 97 of the Highway Code states that clothing and footwear should not prevent drivers from using the controls in the correct manner.

When behind the wheel, it’s crucial that drivers remain focused and in control at all times, so it’s best to wear clothing and footwear that won’t distract or get in the way.


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Drivers are allowed to wear headphones on a journey

It technically isn’t illegal to drive with headphones in, but drivers could face repercussions from the police if they’re considered a leading factor in the result of a road traffic accident.

Commenting on the use of headphones, Peter Brabin said: “We wouldn’t recommend driving with headphones in, or having any music too loud within the vehicle for that matter.

“It’s important you’re fully aware of your surroundings which can change and evolve at any minute.

“Loud music will block out the noise of any oncoming emergency vehicles and could be distracting to the point you become a danger on the road.”

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