Oettinger Launches Aero Parts for Golf Ocho

VW tuner Oettinger has just revealed a first look at its parts for the all-new Golf Mk8. The oldest VW tuner of all keeps the mods subtle with its line of new aero parts for the newest Golf.

Oettinger, which has been modifying VWs for more than 70 years, says these parts are wind-tunnel tested and OEM quality, starting with the front spoiler fitted to the lowered Golf that reduces lift in the nose. The side skirts are a visual upgrade more than a downforce-related one, but the roof spoiler looks like it might actually add some grip.

At the back, that three-piece diffuser is designed to let you take off the middle section quickly for trailer hitch use. Those dark wheels are real VW accessories, though, showing that Oettinger really does know when to show off and when to not. The whole thing adds to the subtle styling of the Golf, giving you just a little bit more without getting too showy.

All of the new parts come in primer, sold at Volkswagen partner stores, with the exception of the gloss black roof spoiler, though you can get the parts finished by Oettinger in any shade you want, be it matching or contrasting.

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