Petrol and diesel drivers call on police to protect fuel supplies from ‘lunatic’ protests

Just Stop Oil activists vandalise a Cobham petrol station

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Around 40 supporters of Just Stop Oil blocked two petrol stations on the M25 yesterday in support of their demand that the UK Government end new oil and gas projects. Action took place at the Cobham Services in Surrey and Clacket Lane Services in Kent, with activists blocking entrances by sitting on the road with banners.

Some supporters also sabotaged the petrol pump by breaking the display glass and covering it with spray paint.

In response, Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK, called on the Government to take strong action against the protestors.

He said: “Time this less than remotely resembling anything like a Conservative Government put the clueless self-obsessed amoebic Just Stop Oil protesters in jail.

“Millions are repulsed by these middle-class, privileged and well-off good-for-nothings ruining decent hard working people’s lives. 

“People are being savaged in the Ukraine and we are on the verge of a world war but this bunch of lunatics are hell bent on following an ill-informed myopic ideal that will not make a shed load of difference to the planet’s environmental future. 

“Our police must be given stronger powers, by the Home Secretary, to protect the fuel supply chain and the law-abiding mass majority needing to earn a living just to survive this devastating cost of living crisis.”

According to a survey conducted by FairFuelUK, 89 percent of supporters wanted the police to get tougher on the protestors, while 86 percent want minimum fines of £10,000 each.

Almost 95 percent of drivers want petrol and diesel supplies to have legal protection in law, with strong punishments being given out for those interrupting supplies.

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Since the beginning of April, more than 1,000 supporters of Just Stop Oil have been arrested.

The group say they will continue the disruption until the Government makes a statement that will end new oil and gas projects in the UK.

One of the protestors who participated in the disruption yesterday, said the protests would continue if the Government didn’t intervene.

Nathan McGovern, a 22-year-old student from Coventry, said: “The world’s most vulnerable are dying from a fossil-fuelled nightmare right now, whilst our Government proposes to drill for more oil and gas. 

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“I refuse to stand by and watch as heatwaves and drought murder people across the global South and families in the UK are forced to choose between eating and heating. 

“If politicians and bureaucrats refuse to act then it falls on ordinary people to do what they will not.”

A new YouGov survey shows that 58 percent of UK adults support the demand of Just Stop Oil and rather than being counterproductive, disruptive action by Just Stop Oil has potentially increased the number of people in the UK willing to take climate action. 

Results from the latest survey showed that public awareness of Just Stop Oil increased from close to zero before the actions began, to over 63 percent in just two and a half weeks.

Almost six in 10 UK adults now support the demands of Just Stop Oil, compared with 23 percent against and 19 percent neutral.  

The survey also measured people’s satisfaction with the efforts of the UK Government and found that only 26.1 percent of UK adults thought the Government was doing a lot to tackle climate change, while 46 percent disagreed with this statement.

James Ozden, Director of Social Change Lab, who commissioned the research, said the public support for the movement is evident.

He continued, saying: “We’ve heard many people speculating that the disruptive protests utilised by Just Stop Oil were damaging to the climate movement.

“Our survey results don’t support this, finding no loss in support for key climate policies, and instead, we find that the likelihood of the UK public taking various forms of climate action has increased in the same period.”

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