Petrol prices MAPPED: See costs across the whole of UK as petrol hits all-time high

Brit stuck in two-hour queue for supermarket due to petrol chaos

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The UK has been subject to a rash of panic buying after a shortage of HGV drivers led to an interruption in the supply of petrol last month. Queues wound their way through forecourts and along roads as Brits rushed to fill up their tanks. Now stocks have recovered, but the cost of fuel has soared in recent weeks, with petrol prices hitting an all-time high. The average price was recorded at 142.94p a litre on Sunday, beating the previous high in April 2012 by 0.46p. Diesel has also seen a hike, with prices hitting 146.5p a litre on Sunday, just shy of its all-time high of 147.93p.

AA fuel price spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “Whether it’s down to oil producers, market speculators, Treasury taxes or struggling retailers trying to balance their margins, record pump prices must be saying to drivers with the means that it is time to make the switch to electric.

“As for poorer motorists, many of them now facing daily charges to drive in cities, there is no escape. It’s a return to cutting back on other consumer spending, perhaps even heating or food, to keep the car that gets them to work on the road.”

Over the past year, petrol prices have seen an increase of more than 26p a litre, which equates to an extra £14 for filling up an average 55-litre car.

The AA has released the figures for September, showing across the UK where the most expensive areas are to buy fuel.

It’s not all bad news, however, as data showed unleaded prices have dipped, from 135.4 per litre last month to 135.2p a litre now.

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Diesel prices have risen from 136.7p a litre to 136.9p a litre.

And data from September showed the price difference between diesel and unleaded has grown to 1.7p a litre.

Petrol prices are forecast to keep soaring, with the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) correct in their prediction of the all-time high of April 2012 being surpassed by the end of October.

RAC fuel spokesperson, Simon Williams, said fuel prices look to be on an “unavoidable journey” to all-time highs.

Mr Williams said the oil price was “primarily” behind the extra costs for motorists but accused petrol retailers of “taking a bigger cut on petrol than they normally do at around 8p a litre which is a further blow to drivers”.

So where is the most expensive place to buy your fuel?

Unsurprisingly London is the most expensive location to top up your tank, with the price for unleaded standing at 136.2p a litre in September.

Those in Northern Ireland have the lowest price with unleaded costing 132.6p a litre.

When it comes to diesel, the highest recorded price was in the South East of England at 137.9 p a litre.

And Northern Ireland was once more at the lowest end of the scale with diesel priced at 133.3p a litre.

The average price across the UK for unleaded petrol was 135.2p a litre in September, while for diesel it was 136.9p a litre and super unleaded was 145.2p a litre.

Read on for a full breakdown of September 2021’s petrol costs by area.

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UK Petrol Prices September 2021

Data according to AA and Experian Catalist

Unleaded 95 Octane (pence)

  • Northern Ireland – 132.6p a litre
  • Scotland – 134.9p a litre
  • Wales – 134.5p a litre
  • North East – 133.9p a litre
  • North West – 134.7p a litre
  • Yorkshire and Humberside – 134.3p a litre
  • West Midlands – 135.0p a litre
  • East Midlands – 134.5p a litre
  • Essex and East Anglia – 135.9p a litre
  • London – 136.2p a litre
  • South East – 136.1p a litre
  • South West – 135.6p a litre
  • UK AVERAGE – 135.2p a litre

Diesel (pence)

  • Northern Ireland – 133.3p a litre
  • Scotland – 136.6p a litre
  • Wales – 136.5p a litre
  • North East – 135.8p a litre
  • North West – 136.5p a litre
  • Yorkshire and Humberside – 136.3p a litre
  • West Midlands – 136.9p a litre
  • East Midlands – 136.3p a litre
  • Essex and East Anglia – 137.5p a litre
  • London – 137.6p a litre
  • South East – 137.9p a litre
  • South West – 137.4p a litre
  • UK AVERAGE – 136.9p a litre

Super unleaded (pence)

  • Northern Ireland – 138.0p a litre
  • Scotland – 143.4p a litre
  • Wales – 144.2p a litre
  • North East – 146.5p a litre
  • North West – 146.2p a litre
  • Yorkshire and Humberside – 144.1p a litre
  • West Midlands – 145.7p a litre
  • East Midlands – 144.4p a litre
  • Essex and East Anglia – 146.4p a litre
  • London – 148.4p a litre
  • South East – 147.4p a litre
  • South West – 145.7p a litre
  • UK AVERAGE – 145.2p a litre

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