Porsche Taycan heater fix confirmed for owners left in the cold

The Porsche Taycan heater matrix issue may have affected more than 800 vehicles in the UK. There is now a fix, but parts are delayed due to supply chain issues

Hundreds of Porsche Taycan owners have been left in the cold by the failure of their cars’ heater matrix. Owners have been battling with Porsche for weeks to get their cars fixed, with some being told that they’d have to wait months for a repair.

Taycan owners have been venting their frustrations on the Porsche Taycan Owners UK facebook group with reports that over 800 cars are affected in the UK alone. Not only are owners left with only the heated seats to keep them warm, cars are unable to be defrosted effectively in cold weather.

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An official statement from Porsche GB states: “Due to a possible material defect, failure of the heating system may potentially affect Porsche Taycan vehicle models. Should this fault occur, it is possible that the heating function and defrosting are not available, and dehumidification of the vehicles can only be performed to a limited extent.  

“Replacement of the heating unit is necessary for vehicle repair. The current supply chain issues may result in delays in this regard, and vehicle repair might be postponed temporarily. We are making every effort to resolve the situation.”  

A Porsche spokesperson told Auto Express that affected owners should contact their dealer and that repairs would be carried out in the order that the faults are reported. Parts shortages have delayed fixes, but Porsche is said to be prioritising fixing existing cars with the updated part rather than fitting them to new cars on the production line.

Porsche will also be supplying alternative vehicles for customers who are unable to heat or defrost their vehicles. One Taycan owner on the owners’ Facebook page reported being given a BMW iX to drive, while another was waiting for Enterprise car rental to provide a suitable replacement.

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