Project CARS 3 Plans Free Post-Launch DLC Tracks

A post on the official Project CARS 3 Discord channel seems to have confirmed that Slightly Mad Studios has some post-launch support in mind for the title, including new cars and new circuits, the latter of which it apparently intends to release for no extra cost.

We’ve only very recently had the final car and track list for the game’s launch confirmed. Coming in at just over 200 cars, and 49 circuits with 122 layouts, the lists bear strong resemblance to those of Project CARS 2, with a few new additions and a few old friends falling by the wayside. You can see the lists in full on our Ultimate Guide to Project CARS 3:

  • Project CARS 3 Car List
  • Project CARS 3 Track List

However, there’s already more in store from Slightly Mad Studios. This comment on the game’s official Discord, from SMS’s social media and community manager, Fernando Moutinho, revealed that the developer will not only continue to bring new content to the title but possibly make the circuit content free of charge:

DLC will include both tracks and cars (which one, I can’t tell you right now) Unless something dramatically changes, tracks will be given for free.

Of course we already knew that PC3 would receive DLC, courtesy of the availability of a season pass, and its inclusion in the Deluxe Edition pre-order. PC2 received four distinct DLC packs across its lifetime too, bringing new Ferraris and new Porsche models, among others — all of which are included in PC3‘s base car roster.

The idea that the track DLC will be free of charge however is new for the series. It’s something we’ve seen in Gran Turismo Sport, and there it seems to be a function of the game’s esport thrust: the tracks are available to all, simply because it enables the whole player base to participate in the game’s Sport Mode.

That could suggest that SMS has something similar in mind, but either way it will be welcome news to the game’s fans. Project CARS 3 will launch in three weeks’ time, on August 28, for PS4, XB1, and PC.

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