PT Cruiser Limo Is Longer Than A Ram Pickup, Can Be Yours For $20K

Is it time to start appreciating the PT Cruiser? Once upon a time, these retro runabouts were hot commodities. Those under the age of 30 may not realize it, but back in 2000, anxious buyers were waiting months and paying over sticker price just to get one. You might say it was the Ford Bronco of its time. Actually, no. Don’t say that.

We will say this: The PT Cruiser was extremely popular back in the day, and it wasn’t uncommon to see some custom Cruisers running around. This very yellow 2002 model is for sale on Facebook; we don’t know if it was an early build, but with features like a built-in DVD player, it’s safe to assume this isn’t a recent project. It’s done 49,200 miles and is said to be in great shape. It rides on a stretched 188-inch wheelbase, and to make that live for you, the biggest Ram 2500 has a 169-inch wheelbase. So yeah, this decked-out PT is definitely livin’ large.

We can’t embed the post here since it’s in a Facebook group, but you can certainly catch all the details at the Wilmington NC Yard Sales FB page. That includes several more photos showing the car from all angles, including the party area with the aforementioned DVD player. A pair of bench seats surround a custom wet bar; there’s custom lighting, a sweet sound system, and a mirror on the ceiling – everything you could want in a VIP ride. Meanwhile, the cockpit looks like a standard PT Cruiser, save for a bank of controls to operate the moonroof, powered partition, and a few other electrical devices.

There’s no mention of how the limo conversion was done. Similarly, there’s no mention of the powertrain, which would be a 2.4-liter four-cylinder making 150 horsepower (112 kilowatts) in stock PT Cruiser. Pictures show a gear selector for an automatic transmission, so barring other info we’ll assume this Cruiser is rocking a stock front-wheel-drive powertrain. It could be a GT Turbo with 215 hp (160 kW), but either way you slice it, this is a lot of limo for a little engine. And you know what? For proms and weddings, that would be just fine.

That brings us to the $19,700 conundrum, as that’s the asking price for this 20-year-old PT. We know time hasn’t been kind to the Cruiser – it went from overnight sensation in the early ’00s to an automotive punchline by 2010. But maybe the ol’ Cruiser is reaching the age where it becomes cool again. Does a $20,000 PT limo with low miles fit into that equation?

That’s a great question to ask 2002 graduates getting ready for their 20-year reunion this year.

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