Reducing the hefty cost of car insurance for drivers

Martin Lewis warns viewers about drastic car insurance changes

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Newer drivers, particuarly younger drivers, commonly have to pay more for their car insurance.

In fact, in 2022, the average 20-year-old was paying around £850 a year on their policy. So, how can new drivers make sure their car insurance is affordable for them? 

As Tom Hixon, Head of Instructor Support from Bill Plant Driving School, explained: “Passing your driving test opens up freedom and opportunity for budding new motorists, but the costs incurred when it comes to driving stretch much further than fuel and maintenance.

“The age in which you opt to take your test also differentiates, but with lots of young drivers taking their test each year, the cost of insurance for new young drivers can be astronomical, especially if you aren’t earning.”

1. Get a ‘Black Box’ fitted

This is the perfect insurance hack for younger drivers, typically only available to first-time drivers or those aged under 25. It is installed in your car to monitor your driving behaviour and will reward you for sensible driving, most likely making your second insurance policy cheaper rather than your first.

2. Pay upfront

3. Pay a higher excess

4. Include experienced drivers on your policy 

5. Update your occupation details

6. Utilise comparison sites 

7 – Choosing the right car 

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