See Six-Wheel Tesla Cybertruck With Massive Solar Array On Demand

Cybersolar for Cybertruck.

Recently we saw a cool animation of a six-wheel version of the Tesla Cybertruck with a fold-out solar array in the back.

It was created by Slave’ Popovski, who said that the entire solar system with six panels is about 27 m2, which should provide 5 kW, maybe even 7 kW of power on a sunny day.

Assuming some 200 kWh or maybe even a 300 kWh battery pack, even the massive 5-7 kW solar boost would not allow for quickly recharging the car, but as the daily needs are not that high, it could actually be enough to mostly be self-charged (truly self-charged).

Sure, it’s just a concept, but who knows, maybe someone will try to build such an EV.

By the way, the six-wheel Cybertruck would be a pretty interesting base for multiple heavy-duty applications.

See more of Slave’s work here.

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