See Toyota Gazoo And Subaru Jointly Reveal A New Car During Livestream

The livestream starts at midnight Eastern time or 4 AM GMT on Monday, April 5.

In almost all cases, we know what car an automaker will reveal during a live-streamed premiere, but this is one of those rare exceptions when we are genuinely not sure what we’re about to see. Announced on March 25, the event organized by Toyota and Subaru is taking place under the “Let’s make ever-better cars together!” banner and could (or couldn’t) include the world premiere of the next-gen 86 sports car as the BRZ’s sister model.

It might be performance-related seeing as how the livestream is held on the Toyota Gazoo Racing channel on YouTube rather than the regular Toyota account. Subaru is hosting the premiere as well on the online video platform at the very same time: 1 PM Japan time, so midnight Eastern or 4 AM GMT on Monday, April 5.

Assuming it’s not the new 86, let’s look at other possible candidates for a world premiere. Before we do that, it is worth pointing out the dedicated pages on Toyota and Subaru websites do confirm a “vehicle unveil” is planned, meaning we’ll certainly see a new car during the livestream. “Future developments and initiatives” are also being promised, so it should be an interesting event to watch.

Ok, but what could it be? If we’re allowed to dream, there’s a juicy rumor of an all-wheel-drive hot hatchback being jointly developed by the two Japanese automakers with a horizontally opposed Subaru 2.4-liter boxer-four engine. It is believed there will be both Toyota and Subaru versions, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

We wouldn’t get our hopes up to high just yet, as even though the rumor might turn out to be true, it’s believed the car won’t be officially unveiled until November 2022. Best-case scenario – we’ll see a concept or a prototype previewing the performance hatchback that might signal Subie’s return to WRC. That said, take the info with a heavy dose of salt as it stems from yet-to-be-confirmed Japanese reports.

That tagline is not entirely new as it was used by Toyota and Subaru for the first time nearly a year ago in a video talking about the cooperation announced in September 2019. We know the two are developing an electric SUV, but the video (attached above) suggested something more exciting, perhaps related to a sports car.

Speaking of zero emissions, it’s a known fact Toyota will be unveiling an all-electric SUV at the Shanghai Motor Show in the latter half of April. Subaru is getting its own version, reportedly called Evoltis, but we wouldn’t necessarily count on the reveal planned during the livestream to be related to either SUVs.

We think we’ve covered all the bases unless Toyota and Subaru are planning a huge surprise. We certainly won’t mind if the joint livestream will be about the GR Super Sport hypercar, although it’s wishful thinking on our part. Perhaps we’re seeing too much into this and the reveal might actually be the new 86.


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