Shell Recharge EV fast charging network in Malaysia begins operations – 180 kW DC chargers at 6 stations –

In March last year, Shell and Porsche Asia Pacific announced plans to implement Southeast Asia’s first cross-border, high performance charging (HPC) network for electric vehicles to offer EV drivers the convenience of travelling between Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia.

The new HPC network, which consists of 12 charging points at six Shell stations located along the North-South Expressway in Malaysia, has now kicked off with the introduction of the first charging point at the Shell station in Tangkak Lay-By (South Bound), officially operational as of tomorrow.

This will be soon be followed by introductions at Shell stations located at Seremban R&R (North Bound), Seremban R&R (South Bound), Pagoh R&R (South Bound), Simpang Pulai RTC (North Bound) and Tapah R&R (South Bound). Last year, the companies had said that the network would be ready by the first half of 2022.

Each of the six stations will be equipped with a 180 kW DC fast charger featuring two CCS Type 2 connectors. The setup will enable a single electric vehicle to be charged at the full 180 kW rate, or two vehicles at 90 kW each.

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The Shell HPC network will complement the company’s existing network of EV chargers that is made up of 18 ‘Reserve + Shell Recharge’ charging points in Malaysia as well as the 18 Shell Recharge 50 kW fast-charging points and 87 Greenlot public charging points in Singapore.

According to Shell, there are three tiers in how users can utilise its 180 kW Recharge network. The first is by a pay-per-use basis. Open to all EV users, no subscription is needed in this case, and in Malaysia payment for charging consists of a RM4 confirmation fee and RM20 for every five mins of charging for the first 25 minutes, and RM20 for every five minute block thereafter. This works out to RM240 an hour (or RM244 with confirmation fee included).

The second is via a subscription term of a year, enabling Gold Member status. Subscription costs RM835 a year, but this offers subscribers a cheaper recharge rate – for the first 10 hours of use per year, users will pay RM12 for every five minutes for the first 25 minutes of charging, followed by RM5 for every additional five minutes thereafter (the RM4 confirmation fee remains).

This makes for a rate of RM95 an hour (or RM99 with confirmation fee included) under the subscription. Once the first 10 hours are used, a quota top-up is available at RM80 per hour, although standard rates will then apply.

Subscription also offers a 10% cashback for all charging stations at Shell Recharge AC stations as well as the ability to reserve a bay via the ParkEasy app – upon confirmation of reservation, the bay will be reserved for you for up to one hour before your arrival.

The third is exclusive to Porsche EV owners, with a complimentary three-year Platinum membership being provided with every purchase of a Taycan. Rates are also lower on the whole – for the first 12 hours of use per year, users will pay RM10 for every five minutes for the first 25 minutes of charging, followed by RM5 for every additional five minutes thereafter (again, the RM4 confirmation fee remains).

This works out to a rate of RM85 an hour (or RM89 with confirmation fee included). A quota top-up following the first 12 hours of use is available for RM60 an hour, with standard rates for charging then applying. Malaysian Taycan owners will also be able to enjoy an exclusive discount of SGD 0.10 per kWh off the prevailing retail rate when charging in Singapore, available for the first 600 kWh per year.

Additionally, Porsche users will also be able to access the 175 kW high-performance chargers already established at all four Porsche Centres in the country.

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