Swiss Startup URB-X Is Developing Elevated Bike Paths For European Cities

In many European towns and cities, efforts are being made to make roads and thoroughfares more bicycle-friendly in an effort to entice citizens away from driving and toward riding. Unfortunately, space is frequently an issue. A solution from Switzerland may be able to alleviate the issue of the frequently congested space conditions for cycling lanes. URB-X, a Swiss startup, is building elevated bike paths, taking to the skies, so to speak.

The business is constructing two-lane cycling pathways on stilts so that they won’t have to share space with vehicles or pedestrians. With their narrow pillars, these cycle highways—referred to by URB-X as “Bike Highways”—can be constructed over the current infrastructure with ease. In the Netherlands, where numerous cycling lanes span across streets, rivers, and the like on pillars, a similar strategy has been employed for quite some time now.

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