Take A Look At Evari’s Titanium and Carbon Fiber 856 E-Bike

Evari, a U.K.-based electric bike manufacturer, showcased its newest innovation in the recently held Eurobike 2022. The 856, as it’s called, is a sleek head-turner, with its carbon fiber and titanium construction giving it an extremely streamlined appearance. While it may have the appearance of a for-sport road e-bike, the Evari 856 is in fact a commuter bike, albeit one filled to the brim with fancy technology.

The Evari 856’s sleek, almost minimalistic, modern appearance and use of TEI (total electronic integration) technologies immediately catch your eye. The two-piece cockpit, which Evari developed and produced in-house, is entirely integrated with the quick-release electric wires, as are the lighting. The carbon fiber frame of the e-bike is impressive, and features titanium bolts and fasteners. Evari describes it as an electric bicycle for travel, commuting, and recreation. In August 2022, if everything goes as planned, the Evari 856 should become available in the market.

The Evari 856 is a technological powerhouse with a ton of features. To begin with, the snubber and belt tensioner in the drive system as well as every bolt on this bike are made of aerospace-grade titanium. Carbon fiber is used to construct the bike’s frame, fork, seat post, rims, handlebars, and stem. The Evari 856 is offered in two configurations: a single-speed version and one with a Rohloff E14 speed hub, which Evari claims is almost maintenance-free and has a reputation for dependability.

Both Evari 856 variants use a Bosch Performance Line drive and weigh 17.8 kg. With the help of the electric assist, this offers the stylish e-bike a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The Bosch PowerTube 500 battery that powers the electric motor is advertised as having a range of up to 43 miles per charge, however as with other e-bikes, this number changes depending on how much you rely on the assist and the terrain you ride on. Power is sent to the back wheel using a Gates Carbon Drive. The Evari 856 rolls on 29-inch wheels, and comes to a stop thanks to Magura MT4 hydraulic brakes.

Sources: AutoEvolution, Evari

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