Tesla FSD Beta Version 10.8 Proves Useless On Snowy Road

If you were curious how well Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta handles roads that are covered in snow, well, it’s not great. The vehicle just doesn’t seem particularly sure of where the road is and it either wants to give control back to the driver or it starts wandering off course and off the road.

Iowa Tesla Guy took his new Tesla Model Y on the loop where he previously tested FSD and it did a great job in good weather. However, now that there’s snow on the road, it can no longer be trusted to drive the car.

The reasons behind it failing so badly in these conditions are roads that are not clearly visible, but also varying grip conditions. It’s been shown in the past that low grip conditions do fluster FSD, and in this particular instance, the vehicle not seeing the road clearly must only add to the confusion.

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