Tesla Model Y First Impressions Via Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has always been hot and cold when it comes to Tesla.

Major reviews of Tesla vehicles don’t follow the timeline of traditional car reviews, since many publications can’t typically get their hands on the cars early on. The only option is usually to actually buy the car, which is not always an option. Due to the Tesla Model Y launching right in the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve had to wait even longer for some reviews to come out.

Consumer Reports has a storied history when it comes to Tesla coverage. The publication seems to go back and forth related to its overall opinion of the cars. This is primarly because it loves certain aspects and features of Tesla’s vehicles, and hates others. In addition, since Tesla’s cars are constantly changing thanks to over-the-air software updates, some of CR’s early concerns are resolved later. We should point out that while Tesla owners seem to love over-the-air updates, it’s one of the Tesla features CR seems unhappy with.

The interesting part about CR’s Tesla Model Y review is that the publication’s biggest negatives and/or concerns are mostly related to the features Tesla owners seem to like most. As stated above, the software updates are not something CR is happy with since it means the cars can change often (for better or worse). It also doesn’t like the lack of buttons or knobs, though Tesla owners rave about the touch screen. CR has always had concerns about Tesla Autopilot, and it’s very skeptical about Full Self-Driving capability.

There’s a whole lot of information to digest here. CR takes the Model Y out on the track, talks about its technology, and discusses safety issues, etc. Watch it and then start a conversation in the comment section below. Do you agree with Consumer Reports? What are your Tesla pros and cons?

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