Tesla Model Y Performance Tested: Fastest 1/4-Mile Time Attempts

How do you go about getting the quickest quarter-mile time with your Tesla Model Y?

YouTube influencer Brian Jenkins (1iTesla) is staying on top of his Tesla coverage with new content on a regular basis. As you’re probably already aware, Jenkins is good friends with our own Kyle Conner and was one of the first people to take delivery of a Tesla Model Y. Since then, he’s been keeping us up to date on the car with many informative videos.

In Jenkins’ most recent video, he’s back to track-testing the Model Y at our Out Of Spec Motoring and InsideEVs US track in North Carolina. This time, his goal is to get the fastest quarter-mile time. He wants to not only beat his own 1/4-mile times, but also prove he has the fastest Model Y in the world (with an asterisk, he says). This is because there really aren’t a lot of official times out there yet, though DragTimes is typically the record to beat. Plus, Jenkins must make a few mods for various reasons.

Jenkins already did some zero-to-60-mph and quarter-mile runs on the same track. However, his battery was at an 80-percent state of charge when he attempted those runs. His previous times came in just shy of DragTimes’ best.

This time, Jenkins has charged the car to full in hopes of beating the “world record.” His car is a bit heavy thanks to the vinyl paint protection film and a tow hitch, which we’re surprised to learn the car now has (perhaps some secret real-world Model Y towing tests are in the future … shhh, don’t tell). 

Jenkins counters the extra weight by removing some other things. As you’ll learn when you watch the video, it worked. However, he can’t officially say he beat DragTimes since he removed weight from the car.

As always, check out the fun and then leave us a comment.

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