Tesla Model Y Review: What's The Verdict After Two Months Of Ownership?

Let’s learn how this family feels about their Tesla Model Y after breaking it in.

The Tesla Model Y came to market in March 2020 and has since received plenty of positive reviews. However, those positive reviews mostly point out all the strengths that have come to be expected from Tesla. It has lots of range, it’s spacious, its performance is impressive, etc.

On the other hand, there are plenty of reports of quality concerns, which have also come to be expected of Tesla. Based on the above, some folks probably could have almost written the full Model Y review without ever having seen or driven the car. It’s consistent with Tesla’s products and it appears to be gaining in popularity, which makes sense due to its crossover designation.

Ben Sullins and his wife Jennie have owned their Tesla Model Y for about two months now. While we’ve read and watched numerous reviews of the car – some first drives, some after a specified period of ownership, some just based on specs and reports – we were eager to get not only Ben’s take but also his wife’s.

This is because Sullins entered the EV space as a hardcore Tesla fan. However, he’s transitioned his channel and coverage over the years. Now, he’s more focused on family, seemingly more practical (this comes with having children), and less willing to just be a Tesla cheerleader in an attempt to “protect” the company from the naysayers. Sullins has been around long enough now to know that Tesla isn’t perfect and that he may be able to help the automaker make improvements. Add in Jennie’s very frugal perspective and you’ve got something that may work to appeal to many families.

Rather than rehashing here, we’ll leave the details to Ben and Jennie. We can tell you they love the Model Y overall since it’s basically the Tesla they already have (Model 3) but more practical and versatile. With that said, they are dealing with a few issues. The hatch isn’t always closing and there have been connectivity problems. Check out the video for more information. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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