Tesla Shows First Render Of Giga Berlin

They even envisioned a corner space for partying.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed today the first render of the Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Giga Berlin), which is currently under construction in Grünheide near Berlin in Germany.

The main manufacturing building looks attractive and is accompanied by several smaller facilities. Overall it looks like the initial stage.

It’s difficult to say, but it might be a bit smaller than the first stage of Giga Shanghai. On the other hand, Tobias Lindh, who often records videos at the site, says that it’s slightly bigger, at 698m x 310m:

Here is how two other Gigafactories were presented on renders:

Tesla Gigafactory 3 render

Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada

Meanwhile, the construction of the factory progresses. According to the latest video reports, Tesla has recently received additional permission for “the construction of the structural shell of all sections of the Gigafactory except casting and stamping”.

Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Tesla Giga Berlin) at brief:

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