This Family's All-Electric Journey Continues With New E-Bikes

It’s high time to go all-in on the green power of electricity.

First, there’s a need for a little background here. As we continue to follow this family and communicate with them, it’s important to share the details with you. If you follow InsideEVs, you may be aware of the Trail Less Traveled family. Essentially, they’re a family of five that lives out west in the U.S. and loves to travel and camp. They just bought a Tesla Model X, which was the beginning of a major transition we can all be proud of. 

The family used to tow a large RV with a gas-powered pickup truck. Now, they have a smaller camper and a Tesla Model X for their excursions. They also have other electric interests, and they’re planning many more going forward. With their new direction, they’ve decided to change their YouTube channel and blog name to All Electric Family, which we think is a solid idea. The first video in that new journey focuses on the family’s purchase of e-bikes to include in their travels.

It’s not always easy to get around a large campsite or recreation area with smaller children. All Electric Family decided that e-bikes may be the answer. They did their homework and ended up with an Aventon Level and a Eunorau Max Cargo. So far, they’re happy with the bikes, though they haven’t found an RV-approved bike rack that can support their weight. They’ll have to come up with a plan soon since they are heading out on a 600-mile road trip with the Model X towing the camper. We’ll be covering that as well, along with a range test of the e-bikes.

All Electric Family recently enjoyed the awesome opportunity to connect and camp with our own Kyle Conner, his girlfriend, and their dogs. Conner is out on a month-long Tesla Model 3 road trip across the U.S., so he made an effort to meet them. We’ll have some upcoming video covering that unique experience soon, and we’ll be collaborating more with All Electric Family in the future.

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