This Is How The BMW iX3 Looks All Decked Out In M Performance Parts

The iX3 is the least aggressive looking BMW X3, but our quick rendering fixes that.

Those looking to buy the BMW iX3 probably aren’t interested in how aggressive looking it is or whether or not they can add M Performance bits to it. You probably can’t but that hasn’t stopped us from sticking every single M trinket currently available for the X3 on the iX3 just for kicks.

We’re sure some people may actually be interested to see what it looks like, although they’re not among those who are going to buy the iX3. If they still want an X3 that they can spruce up with carbon fiber, black trim instead of chrome and sporty-looking wheels, yet they want said X3 to come with a plug, they’ll just buy the 30e plug-in hybrid model instead.

The iX3 isn’t designed to have the same get-out-of-my-way look as other BMWs, because the changes designers have made to it are aimed at making it look electric. And it does, but we’re sure there are still some buyers out there who would just love to have the all-electric X3 with the M stuff on it.

For those five people, I took it upon myself to try to picture what that might look like, with the help of photo manipulation software. The result? Well, I personally think it looks good, but if you actually did this to an actual iX3, you’d probably be better off finding a way to also mask off the blue trim (visible around the faux grille and on the doors).

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