This Tesla Model Y Landed On Mars: Or Is It Just Moab

With only slight modifications, Tesla Model Y appears to perform well off-road.

After a few tweets yesterday, i1Tesla‘s Brian Jenkins has shared the first teaser video from his Tesla Model Y adventure in Moab, Utah (full video to be released soon).

As many of you might remember, this is the same Model Y Performance (dual-motor all-wheel drive) that was presented at the launch of InsideEVs’ YouTube channel over a year ago.

Brian Jenkins has slightly modified his car (including installation of Mountain Pass Performance’s suspension), to make it more off-road capable and look cooler.

The journey to Moab proves the Tesla Model Y does not require much to handle some off-road driving. One of the greatest things is the silence and effortless electric power, available at very low speeds. It really allows you to enjoy driving.

The i1Tesla‘s footage is really amazing and we are eager to see more in the full version. Meanwhile, we can fulfill the author’s request and spread the word about how great EVs are:

If this is what a standard car can do, just imagine the Rivian R1T/R1S, Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning and other more capable EVs that will enter the market in the near future.

With strategically placed DC fast chargers in common recreational places, EVs might become a top choice for such adventures.

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