This Tesla Model Y Owner Has No Regrets After 6 Months and 6,000 Miles

But there is something that wears out faster than normal.

Tall Tesla Guy started making YouTube videos when he ordered his Tesla Model Y about eight months ago. He’s made a good amount of videos detailing many things he’s experienced as a new Tesla and EV owner. If you just bought a Tesla or if you’re thinking of buying one, some of his videos could be very helpful. If you can’t watch the 13-minute video above, I’ll outline the important bits below. 

The Good

The title of his video has “Really Bad” in it, but he has very few bad things to say about the Model Y. He bought the Model Y in September of last year (seven months ago) and has put about 6,000 miles on it. He has lots of great things to say about it including how he loves the driving experience, the comfort, storage space, and one-pedal driving. He also likes the Model Y’s infotainment system and the standard Autopilot system he has. The range he gets is fine for his driving needs but he does mention it’s about 20 percent less than the EPA estimate in real-world driving. 

As far as service goes, he’s happy. Although, he does admit he lives near a Tesla service center, which helps. One thing some Tesla owners complain about is the delivery experience. He was extremely happy with his. It was a touchless delivery and he enjoyed not dealing with a salesman. He says he would not go back to an ICE vehicle after owning an EV. At one point in the video, he said the Model Y was almost a 10 out of 10. 

The Bad

He liked his delivery experience as I mentioned, but did say that he noticed some panels weren’t aligned, there were some interior smudges, and two small paint blemishes (that he can’t find anymore). He also discusses how the service center fixed anything that broke, but the only thing he mentioned breaking was the front trunk sensor. 

The worst thing he discussed revolved around the tires. He feels they are wearing out faster than normal but blames it on his driving style and on the instant torque EVs provide. Tall Tesla Guy says his tires will wear out faster than normal and that a new set costs between $1,200-$1,500 dollars. 

A Possible Trend

We cover many Model Y ownership videos (see above), and it seems most owners are very happy with their purchase, but most also have quality control issues. Tesla’s quality control is improving but some models get delivered with panel gaps and doors that aren’t properly aligned, among other things. That might be an issue for some, but for most, it seems all the benefits of Model Y ownership outweigh the panel gaps. 

Source:Tall Tesla Guy (YouTube)

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