Tritium Introduces New RT175-S 175 kW DC Fast Charger

It’s compact, high-power and offers Plug and Charge capability.

Tritium has announced today an all-new 175 kW DC fast charger for the U.S. market, the RT175-S, which in the case of many EVs, should be able to replenish up to 80% of battery capacity in 15 minutes.

It more than triples the power output of the base 50 kW model, while averaging power efficiency of 95%, and additionally – as the first in the country, according to the company – offers Plug and Charge capability (on top of standard payment methods).

The Plug and Charge feature utilizes a communications protocol (ISO 15118 standard) between EV and charger to authenticate and bill customers via the charging cable, without the need for any other input for authorization and payments (like an RFID membership card, smartphone application or credit card reader). All the driver needs is the car, which also supports the Plug and Charge feature and a single assignment of that car to the account.

“With Plug and Charge, a charging session can be automatically and securely billed from the moment the plug connects to the vehicle, regardless of the network operator. This advancement in charging technology streamlines and simplifies the charging experience, while improving customer data security.”

As a result, in the future, all EVs will be able to start charging just by inserting the plug on a public station, similarly to Teslas at Superchargers.

As in the case of previous Tritium chargers, the liquid-cooled RT175-S is very compact to fit in limited spaces.

Full power should be available at up to 104°F/40°C (at 122°F/50°C it drops a little bit to 150 kW). To handle cold winter, Tritium has developed a cold-weather kit for down to -22°F/-30°C.

Globally, Tritium has installed more than 4,500 fast chargers in 38 countries, which were used more than 600,000 times.

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