UK’s Largest Free Retail Charging Network Already Has 200 Stations

On average, customers visiting Tesco stores were getting 4.5 kWh free.

Volkswagen, Tesco and Pod Point celebrate the milestone of 200 charging sites installed in the UK, which are available for free at the Tesco stores (regardless of the EV brand).

The first 100 stations with multiple 7 kW AC terminals were installed in 2019, and an additional 100 more were added in about half a year. By the end of this year, the number of stations should increase to around 400, and to 600 stations (with 2,400 individual charging points) in 2021.

All of the AC stalls are available for free, while the 50 kW chargers supplied by Tritium (at some stores) are not.

According to the German manufacturer, already 669 MWh of electricity weres dispensed over 18 months of the project.

EV drivers have used the charging points some 150,000 times, which means that on average they were charging 4.5 kWh per single-use. That’s probably typical for 7 kW output, as most customers will spend 30-60 minutes at the store.

“This is enough to power 1.3 million homes for one hour, or 55,750 homes for 24 hours – which should cover the electricity needs for residential properties in a town or city with a population of almost 130,000.

It is also estimated that EV drivers using the charging points have saved 374,391 kg of tailpipe CO2 emissions – the equivalent of more than 1.8 million miles driven by the average new car.”

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