Vandal Tries To Kick Tesla Model 3, Then Destroys Its Charging Cable

He’s very lucky he didn’t get himself electrocuted.

YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner Tesliac share this Sentry Mode video. Perhaps you can get a good look at the vandal’s face. Maybe someone knows who he is. It may sound like a stretch, but Tesla Sentry Mode has helped track down many vandals and criminals.

According to Tesliac, the vandal is drunk, though we have no way of knowing that for sure, and it has no impact on the story. He says the guy tried to kick his car, but missed. This is very clear in the video. Instead of trying to kick the car again, he proceeds to mess with the charging cable. In fact, he ends up yanking on it and eventually putting his body weight into it to break it. It’s a bit surprising that he didn’t hurt himself or get electrocuted.

At any rate, there’s no doubt that this was all intentional. Hopefully, the police will be able to identify the vandal and he will be charged. The interesting part here is Tesliac believes it was Sentry Mode’s flashing lights that got the guy’s attention or even startled him. He says he has actually asked Tesla to consider having the option to turn off the flashing lights.

Do you think people are intentionally choosing Tesla vehicles to vandalize? Is it Sentry Mode’s flashing lights that get their attention? If the light wasn’t flashing, would they just continue on their way? It’s hard to know what’s behind all this Tesla hate. Perhaps it’s not Tesla hate at all. Maybe people are just kicking and breaking all sorts of cars but we don’t hear about it since other cars don’t offer a feature like Sentry Mode.

The only way to find out is to encourage all automakers to offer built-in dashcams and video security systems. It seems this is something that should eventually become standard in all cars.

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