Video Shares Tips About Getting The Best Deal On A Used Tesla

Buying a second-hand Tesla is obviously the easiest way to get one cheap, but this video says there’s more to it than that.

If you want a Tesla but can’t afford a new one, the obvious thing to do is to see if there are good used examples in your price range. However, you shouldn’t buy one right away and it’s best to study the market for a while in order to start seeing patterns, as well as understanding what the best deals are.

This is the first tip in this video by Tesla Raj who talks about all the things you may want to know before buying a second hand Tesla. He also says that whenever you buy an older Tesla, it’s still worthwhile to check out what the pricing structure for a brand new car is. Always knowing what a new one costs will surely be an invaluable piece of information when shopping for a used one.

Another very good point he makes in the video is to always try to get a photo of the vehicle’s info screen. This cannot be tampered with and it shows the car’s exact specs, as well as its mileage and you can see if it has Full Self Driving and other features.

You should also be aware when buying a used Tesla that some features may not be transferrable like, for instance, premium connectivity. And if a car’s info screen shows that it has Autopilot Safety Features, it turns out this does not mean it actually has Autopilot. Most features are thankfully transferrable and, if you’re lucky, the car you buy may come with aftermarket equipment that the previous owner had installed – you may not like the parts, but you can sell them afterward and get some money back.

Source:Tesla Raj / YouTube

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