VW e-Golf Production Ends as ID Models Pick up the Baton

Volkswagen has ended production of the e-Golf electric hatchback in the few remaining days of 2020, closing a chapter on its early era of EV efforts. The very last e-Golf, finished in Urano Grey, rolled out of the Transparent Factory in Dresden today, capping the total run at 145,561 cars.

The e-Golf had been in production in Dresden from 2017 and in Wolfsburg since 2014, serving as a forerunner to the ID.3 hatchback, production of which began earlier this year in Zwickau, Germany. The Dresden factory alone produced 50,401 e-Golf cars since 2017, while e-Golf production in Wolfsburg wrapped up earlier this summer.

With a total run of 145,561 cars over seven years, the e-Golf turned out to be one of the most popular EVs in Europe during this period, especially in Norway and Germany.

“The end of the e-Golf is also the start of the final preparations for the ID.3,” said Danny Auerswald, head of plant of the Transparent Factory. “In just a few weeks, we will be opening the next chapter for the Transparent Factory. After Zwickau, we are the second location in Europe to manufacture vehicles based on the new modular e-drive system. Volkswagen is thus underlining the importance of the Saxon plants in the group-wide E-offensive.”

The ID.3 hatch will thus gain a second home in Germany as production of the electric hatch accelerates, and as production of the ID.4 for the U.S. market continues in Zwickau, with the first cars expected to land stateside in a matter of weeks. The Dresden factory will be converted early next year for Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform vehicles like the ID.3, and the first conversion efforts have already taken place over the past several months.

“The start of assembly of the ID.3 is very good news for the workforce and the reward for the many efforts made in the transformation of the site since 2016,” said Chairman of the Works Council of the Transparent Factory, Thomas Aehlig. “We have thus achieved sustainable job security for the core workforce and a positive future perspective for the site.”

However, when it comes to the U.S. market, we won’t be getting a direct replacement for the e-Golf since the ID.3 has not been scheduled to be offered here. This means VW will be without a small, electric hatch in the U.S., kicking off the ID lineup with the larger ID.4 crossover.

But will VW be able to avoid offering an electric hatchback in the U.S. in the long run, even given the dramatic fade of this bodystyle in the U.S?

This seems doubtful long-term, even as automakers like Mercedes-Benz scramble to offer electric sport-utilities in the U.S. VW has also offered an even smaller e-Up! hatchback in Europe for the past few years, a model that will be replaced by the ID.1 and ID.2, so it has already made plans to offer electric models smaller than the ID.3 itself. As much as the market has turned to crossovers of all sizes, we hope to see small EVs from VW in the states that could land below the $20,000 mark.

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