Watch How Tesla's Bizarre Love Affair With Water Leaks Soaks A Model Y

The upset owner sent us pictures and a video of how much water leaks right into his car.

It seems Tesla has a love affair with water leaks of all sorts. We’ve seen them in all cars the company makes so far, but we thought the Model Y would be free from them. After all, Tesla has had the chance to check where the issues were with its predecessors. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as the video above shows.

JJ got in touch with us to express how disappointed he is with his new Tesla Model Y. We did not use his full name because we are not sure if he wants to be identified, but he is not shy of telling us how torturous his journey has been with this particular car. By the way, it is his second Model Y. He turned down the first one Tesla tried to deliver to him.

“My first Model Y was damaged. I refused it. I accepted the second one. The first one had a huge dent in it. The guy next to me had three dents in his. He was just fine with waiting a few hours, while the deliver center just pounded out the dents. I even ordered a Model S next. It had a huge pimple on the A-pillar, like a reverse dent. I refused it, too. Not to mention they kept my $100 deposit, even though the new car they were trying to make me accept was damaged. That is so not fair.”

JJ is not new to Tesla. Check the description of his YouTube channel:

“The channel is dedicated to presenting facts about Tesla cars. I’ve owned a Model X, a Model 3, a Model Y and have also driven several Model S for a duration of a couple of months. I have a great deal of experience with all Teslas. These cars are amazing, but they have their problems. This is why I love to hate Tesla. It is like having a girlfriend that treats you like crap, but you keep coming back for more.  :(”

We have asked JJ for more details on the other issues his car has, but have not heard back from him yet. We only have the messages he sent us over the weekend. And they describe part of his experience with the Model Y so far.

“My roof is leaking profusely on my Model Y. If I just pour a cup of water on the roof, it starts raining in my car. I’ve had so many issues with this car I can’t list them all. I will get a video of this and send it to you. It is so ridiculous. The headliner is all wet, too.”

Here’s a picture of the state of his Model Y’s headliner. Check it out.

JJ mentioned some of the problems he had with the car.

“My Tesla Model Y has been a disaster. I took it in for them to fix a dust nib. They missed the dust nib and burned a hole straight through the paint. They tried to blame it on me.  They are awful. Several parts where scratched inside and out of the car. So many misalignments. Here is the hole they burned into my car.”

“They didn’t even tell me they did it. They also had me pick up the car after hours because they didn’t want to face me.  It was the Rancho Cucamonga Service Center in California.”

We’ll wait for JJ to tell us more about all the issues and specifically about the leakage in his Mode Y. If you have a similar problem, please let us: get in touch at [email protected] or through our Facebook page.

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