Watch Tesla Model S Performance Vs Nissan GT-R Drag And Roll Race

Silent cheetah versus roaring dinosaur.

We willingly admit to being a bit jealous of Throttle House each time it releases a new video. Give us a Tesla Model S Performance to race any day and we’ll be brimming with excitement. While we don’t have a thing for gas cars, like most of you, we did once upon a time. So, we have no reservations in saying that the Nissan GT-R is a beast that deserves plenty of credit in its circles.

The Model S and GT-R are good picks for this race since they’re both super quick, yet extremely different in almost every other way. The Tesla is safe, silent, state-of-the-art, coddling, and impressively roomy. The Nissan is loud, firm, agile, cramped, and lacking in tech and safety features.

The 2020 Model S Performance has Ludicrous Plus and the new ‘Tesla Model S With Cheetah Stance Grabs New Tesla Quarter Mile Record. The Nissan GT-R boasts a twin-turbo V6 and launch control. Both cars come standard with all-wheel drive.

According to Tesla, the Model S Performance is capable of a 2.3-second zero-to-60-mph time. The GT-R can easily hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds. It has quite a bit of low-end torque, especially for a gas car, and its top speed far exceeds that of the Tesla.

We’re not about to reveal the winner here. However, we will say that Throttle House says things don’t always go as predicted. That doesn’t help much here since we don’t know which car you will predict to win this one. Place your bets, watch the video, and leave us a comment below.


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