Watch This Explosion Of Charging An Electric Car Captured On Video

It ended with a huge blast that blew the doors right off.

This electric car (of unidentified make) did not have much luck when it visited a charging station in Sanming, in southern China on August 20, 2020.

First, it caught fire (smoke came out while charging), presumably because there was some issue with the battery during charging.

And then, once firefighters entered the scene with the idea to cool it down with water, the car literally exploded.

We don’t know any details about the event, but according to brief media reports, no one was injured, which is great considering the flying doors. At the moment of the explosion, there were people walking just five parking spaces from the car.

As electric cars are still a novelty (their global market share is just a few percent of new cars), and as far as we know, far safer than conventional cars (including fires or explosions), such videos are quite rare.

It’s actually interesting to see what can happen in the worst-case scenario though.

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