Watch This Guy's Numerous, Humorous Failed Attempts To Gas Up A Tesla Model 3

He just can’t see the find the gas cap and even checks the frunk to see if it’s in there.

Despite numerous attempts to locate the gas cap, this guy fails to find a way to pump gas into a Tesla Model 3. Watch the hilarious video to see the failures to fill ‘er up.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone try to gas up a Tesla and it likely won’t be the last, but unlike some other failed attempts at gassing up an electric car, this one seems like a legit mistake and not some prank.

In the video, you’ll see a guy with what appears to be a new Tesla (due to the temporary license plate) attempt to fuel the electric car up. At first, he opens the charge port door and tries to get the fuel to go into there. After that’s deemed a failure, he goes around searching for other ways to get the gas into the Tesla’s non-existent gas tank.

Perhaps the filler spout in somewhere in the frunk? Or maybe it’s hidden deep within the confines of the trunk? Nope, it’s not in either of those locations so perhaps it’s time to phone a friend. You can see the guy grab out his phone and appears to send a text. Later, his reaction seems to show that whoever responds to the text told him that a Tesla takes no gas. His facial expression is pretty priceless at this moment.

Here’s the video description for the clip at the top of this post:

Honest mistake but still funny for your TGIF dose of laugh. Bless his heart for trying and learning from mistake thinking it’s a hybrid. Found this on FB post @ Justin Flom but doesn’t look fake from the conversation and reaction, what do you think? Comment below.

And then there’s this other video covering the same failed gassing up attempt.

And its description is below:

Was this me filling up my Tesla Model 3 with gas? lol Someone that looked somewhat like me was trying to fill up their Tesla Model 3 with gas. I had a bunch of messages about this funny video. Was it a prank?

What are your thoughts on this? A prank? An honest mistake? It sure does look quite convincing to us, so we’re going with an honest mistake on this one, but we’ve been wrong before so maybe we are once again.

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