Will Tesla Cybertruck Become The Best-Selling Pickup Truck In The US?

It’s crazy to even think that the Tesla Cybertruck could ever surpass the Ford F-150, but anything is possible.

Our friend Ben Sullins recently revealed that he’s not going to buy a Tesla Cybertruck. This is not to say he’s not planning to get another electric vehicle, however. Instead, the popular and long-time Tesla owner and social media influencer has reserved a Rivian R1T.

Just because the Cybertruck isn’t the right electric pickup truck for Sullins doesn’t mean it’s not worth covering. In this video, he asks if the upcoming Tesla pickup can become the top-selling truck in the States. While anything is possible, and Tesla continues to prove the “impossible,” some would call this a huge stretch. Still, there’s no way to know what the future holds.

To become the best-selling truck in America, the Tesla Cybertruck has to outsell the Ford F-150. Not only is the F-150 Ford’s best-selling product and the best-selling truck in the U.S. for years, but it also outsells all other vehicles. In fact, it is near the top of the list for the highest number of sales in history. In 2019 alone, Ford sold almost 900,000 F-150 pickup trucks. Sullins also wonders if the Cybertruck will outsell the F-150 Electric, which is honestly a much more realistic possibility.

Tesla is still a small-scale automaker. It has certainly sold plenty of Model 3 sedans, so much so that the electric car has outsold many gas-powered rivals. However, Tesla has never sold 900,000 vehicles in a year. It may be a few years before the Silicon Valley automaker achieves that number with its entire fleet, let alone a single model. At the same time, Ford hasn’t even officially unveiled its upcoming electric F-150. So, once it does, who knows how long it will be before it arrives, how many Ford will build, and how well it will sell.

So, what would it take for the Tesla Cybertruck to outsell the Ford F-150? The F-150 Electric? Is it eventually inevitable or something that will never, ever happen? Sullins dives right in to answer these questions and more related to Tesla’s popular upcoming electric pickup truck. Check out the video, then scroll down and leave us a comment below.

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